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Restoration & Repairs

A couple inherited a beautiful grand piano worth thousands of dollars ( The piano you see below). The problem was, as you entered the home the piano was the center piece of the living room and as you can see the corner was badly damaged, it fact it was knocked right off the end of the piano.

            This is a very difficult precision repair. A test for any restorator's skill level. it involves, filling, shaping, color matching, graining and the adjusting the sheen to blend the repair in with the original wood of the piece.

            Now when you enter the home you are drawn into the space by the lore of a stunning antique grand piano. It has a real ring to it and sets the tone for the whole room. Before the repair you just thought "my god" what happened to that piano!


Floods, movers, exuberant children, unhousebroken puppies, the ravages of time- life can be as hazardous for our houses and our furniture as it is for us. That's where the Furniture Doctor comes in.

The Furniture Doctor is a full- service on-site restoration company for furniture, floors, and other architectural woodwork. We repair broken structure, restore and improve compromised function, and bringing again finishes back to their original beauty. Whether the problem is a single chair or an entire kitchen, the Furniture Doctor's extraordinary restoration skills will often be able to solve it for a fraction of the time, mess, and expense of replacement or refinishing. People call us for many reasons.

Are you moving into a new house or selling one? Are the woodwork or floors looking the worse for wear? The Furniture Doctor can rejuvenate them for far less than a refinishing job would cost. I can refurbish kitchens too.

Furniture Doctor Kitchen Cabinet Example:

"I got a call from a couple whose kitchen cabinets were driving them crazy. Everyone in their neighborhood had rebuilt their kitchens from scratch, but when these people got a quote of $47,000 just for new cabinets, they called me. They figured to be staying in their house for at least another 10 years, but even so, that did not seem to them a good investment. Yet they had been told by several contractors that the cabinets could not be cleaned and would have to be replaced.     

I cleaned and prepped the old cabinets, repaired them as necessary, got all the doors working properly, and did some careful color work. Then I applied two new coats of finish. By the time the job was complete, the refurbished cabinets looked and functioned like new-- at a cost of $2,500. Our clients will get more than ten trouble-free and pleasurable years from those cabinets, and they wont have to worry about recouping a huge expenditure when the time comes to sell."






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