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Restoration & Repair

Do you have cherished old things-- maybe valuable, maybe not, but full of memories-- that have seen better days? I can repair and restore them for far less than it would cost to replace them. Modern pieces too-- I recently repaired a classic Swedish maple bed for a client. Its both frugal and ecological to maintain good solid furniture, and its satisfying too. Well-tended, sturdy pieces give continuity and individuality to our homes, while what's available now tends to be either very expensive or flimsy and faceless. Why replace distinctive older furniture with mass-produced new stuff?

Furniture Doctor Restoring Example:


In many cases I can clean a piece, make any necessary structural and cosmetic repairs, and either restore the existing finish or apply a new one to bring a piece back very respectably for a fraction of the refinishing cost. While a chest of drawers might cost $650 to $850 to strip and refinish, for example, the average cost to refurbish the same bureau would be between $100 to $350.

Do you love your house for its vintage personality-- ornate moldings and paneling, pocket doors, built-in bookcases, and so on? People who live in old houses often do. But most handypersons aren't experienced with repairing such architectural detail-work. The Furniture Doctor is! You'll be surprised at how reasonable this kind of work can be.


If you have an important antique that has sustained an injury, we can restore a damaged old finish (as opposed to refinishing from scratch). This maintains the original patina and thus the value of the piece, and it saves money, too.


On the other hand, we can also revamp boring or ugly old furniture, stripping and refinishing it when a new look is in order.

The Furniture Doctor has a fully equipped workshop/ studio in Westborough,MA. In some cases (where full stripping and refinishing or very expensive structural repair is necessary), we prefer to do the work there. And some of our clients prefer the "out of sight, out of mind" approach.

But we are also read and able to come to your home. On-site work is obviously required for architectural restoration, but we offer this very convenient service for most furniture work as well. No crating things up and waiting for movers to pick up and deliver. No shipping expenses or risks. The turnaround is much quicker. Plus, when we can see a piece in its usual setting, in the correct sunlight, etc.., we can get the finish just right. And you never know what else might come up…


Furniture Doctor Wood Floor Example:

A couple in Lexington asked me to come out to their house. They wanted me to buff up two desk tops, repair a few miscellaneous things, and de some touching up.

While I was there I noticed some big black marks deeply marring the brand-new oak floors in some of their rooms, The owners told me that the marks were the result of a chemical reaction between the plastic coating of some fitness equipment and the finish on the floors. They had called a floor sander, who told them that the stains had to be sanded out, and they had already made an appointment to have the floors in three rooms sanded and refinished. But once they saw what I could do, they asked me to come back and take a shot at the black spots.

I was able to remove the spots and refinish where necessary, including the places where the floor sander had gone through the finish to make his diagnosis. I blended the sheen so that you can't tell where the spots once were. Then I buffed out the two small table tops and fixed a dent in a cabinet door. The whole works cost them $325, with almost no mess. The cancelled the floor sander. Their neighbors, who had been very interested in this process, then asked me to come over to do $200 worth of touch-up for them! Its not unusual for stuff like that to happen. Its why I love my work, and its why some people tell me that I'm a dream come true.


Furniture Doctor Home Visit Example:

My average charge for a home visit is $250 to $550. On one home visit, inspecting 8 rooms, here's what I accomplished.

·        cleaned and touched up the kitchen table, removing three deep water stains

·        repaired many chips in three large picture frames

·        touched up a desk in the front entrance hall

·        repaired a silver-dollar-size gouge in an antique armoire that costs $6,000 to purchase

·        repaired a softball size nail polish-remover spill on a night stand

·        buffed out two large desk tops


Everything came out looking great. I charged the homeowners $650, and they were thrilled. What I charge depends on the amount of work, which of course varies depending on how severe the damage being repaired is. In this case, the whole works costs less than the full refinishing of just one of the damaged pieces would have costs.

If you have any questions for the Furniture Doctor, feel free to email or call. A picture is always helpful. For kitchens and larger projects I'm happy to do an in-home estimate.



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